↣ What about those who don’t travel?

After all this positivity about travelling, we need some bad points! Here is a short interview I conducted with a friend who has never travelled and has no interest in doing so…

Q – What is your main reason for not travelling?

A- We could never afford it as a family when I was much younger, Devon was as far as we got, but we learnt to enjoy and love it even though it was all on a tight budget. It taught me to appreciate what you have and not keep longing after things out of your reach. Being old enough to travel if I wished to now, when given the option to go abroad I decline, not because I don’t want to see the world but because I have no reason to. I am perfectly happy at home and I have all I want right here.

Q- Are there any instances when you think ‘wow I’d love to see that?

A- I mean yeah, things like the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls look amazing, but I just can’t imagine myself going there, it costs a lot and I would only take photos of the exact same thing I can find on the internet, I can’t see any reason to necessarily go there myself

Q- A lot of people consider travelling to ‘enhance their perspective’, would you agree with this?

A- Absolutely not. Just because I have never been abroad doesn’t mean my perspective isn’t broad, I am immensely happy and get enough variety in my life just by staying at home. Being able to catch a tan on a tropical beach is not going to make me wiser.


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