↣ Love with a chance of drowning

Torre De Roche’s epic adventure across the Pacific Ocean in a boat, with serious seasickness was motivated entirely by one thing. Love.

The ‘Hello Giggles’ lifestyle blog summarized the book better than I could have :

Love with a chance of Drowning introdues us to Torre, an Australian graphic designer who has just embarked on her own adventure and realized a life-ong dream : coming to the US. The plan is to stay a year and then return home to her family Down Under. But, like with all the best journeys, there are some detours and suprises up ahead. 

First Suprise : a chance meeting at a bar turns into love. Enter Ivan, an Argentinean with a secret. 

Second Suprise : that secret is his plan to sail the Pacific. Solo. Until he asks Torre to come with him. 

Third Suprise : Torre, after much worrying and analyzing and in spite of her fear of deep ocean water, suprises herself and agrees to accompany him on the voyage. 

Torre, when in Aus, even though she loved it and she loved her family, wanted just to experience something new and exciting for a while, this came in the form of going to stay with a friend in America. However her motivation for travellling substantially changed when she met Ivan, and she conquered her fear of water all in the name of love, just to be with him for a few month to travel accross the Pacific, from America, back to her homeland of Australia, via beautiful, weird and wonderful places.

The end of the book however, is not all the happiness and light that is presented through the rest of the novel. Ivan is a free spirit, but almost too free, all he wants is to endlessly trail the ocean for the end of his days. To the extent which he actively minimises all human interaction and avoids any sort of comformist behaviour eg. watching the TV or having an email account. Torre remarks the ocean to be his ‘first love’ and her his second. But for Torre, this outlook is incompatible with her family and friend orientated life, she loves to read blogs, write endless emails to her friends at home, ring her parents and generally enjoy a bustling social life. And in the end, they compromise, and they settle down in Australia, but periodically take out the boat ‘Amazing Grace’  for their own little private adventures.

So why did Ivan travel? – To seek seclusion, his own ocean-bound bubble away from the distateful world that he saw on land, to ‘run away’ if you like from comformity and standard living. He had fallen in love with the ocean and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with it, but the only thing that could shake him from his reverie was to fall in love even deeper with the woman of his dreams – Torre.

Why did Torre travel? – It could be said that it was all for love, but then she didn’t go to America for love, in fact she went to America telling herself not to foolishly fall for a tall dark stranger in a bar. No, I think Torre travelled to experience something greater than herself, to seek adventure in a brand new place which coud exicte and leave her awe-struck, to feel the wonderful freedom of being somewhere new and wonderous.

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