↣ What is it stopping people from travelling?

There is a definite unanimous answer to the question ‘Do you enjoy travelling and visiting new places?’. And the answer, in short – is yes! Apart this is from the final answer on the table where the answer is ‘indifferent’. This is a stark contrast to the rest of the replies and when their reasoning is read, the opinion appears to be justified. There is something about travelling that means you have to have a certain ‘gusto’ and desire to learn which allows you to enjoy travel. The other unanimous reply appears to be the thing that stops people from travelling is the lack of finance/time of work available to them. Is this in response to the recession? Have people been forced to change their dreams and admit defeat as it were because there just simply aren’t enough pennies falling in the rainy days money box? However these people also seem to share the ideal that they would love to be able to travel more, but realism has got in the way. One response included the line ‘…I’m aware that this isn’t much of an excuse!’. From this I can see that there is a real desire in most people that makes them want to learn, discover and explore, but our society has made it nigh on impossible.

Do you enjoy travelling and visiting new places? Would you travel more if you could?
Yes Absolutely. Life in general stops me – my job, my family, money, time… I’m aware that this isn’t much of an excuse!
Yes I would love to travel more, and think I will continue to travel. There are no barriers currently stopping me from going away as I am currently a university student working part time. I have plans to go away for seven weeks this summer. Upon commencing full time work in September I doubt I will be able to do this as I wouldn’t want to lose my job.
Yes Yes
Yes Cost
Yes Yes. lack of annual leave and money.
Yes I would love to travel more often both abroad and in the UK, but I’m limited by the amount of holiday I can take, and the availability of my friends – as you get older you get far far busier! There are also practicalities – money, transport (I don’t currently own a car and rail is incredibly expensive!). All that said, I do still make time a few times a year to get away.
Yes Yes; it’s called work, life and needing to earn money. Otherwise I would travel as much as possible
Yes Yes. I am a teacher however and it is expected to travel as I have to go at certain times. Also we have a little girl under 2.
Yes Yes, money and holiday time with work limits my travelling.
Yes Yes, a bit more restrictive when you have children. Dependent on when my husband can get the time off work. We are also building up a small holding so time is limited to when we can go.
Yes Yes, visit different contries with different cultures and way of life
Yes Work commitments
Yes Money, young children
Yes Money!
Yes Yes, restricted mostly by the time available.
Yes Yes, if it wasn’t for work!
Yes Would like to travel more. Lack for funds & time due to mortgage etc make it harder. Note they are a higher priority at present.
Indifferent No. I don’t like going abroad because of the food and I find it too hot. Last time I went to a resort in spain I got food poisoning so I don’t want to go again because it ruined my holiday.
I travel every few months to our cottage in Norfolk, which me and my wife really enjoy. Its quiet, the local pub does really good food, and we know people there now that we’ve been going for a few years.
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