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↣T shirts finally hitting the House of Bean shelves!

Today has been a happy day… my t shirts and transfer papers arrived to do my new t shirt designs! It’s a bit of a coincidental story behind these t shirts, a couple of weeks ago I happened to post a picture of a t shirt that I drew on with someone elses typography work on it (back in the days before I did my own typography) on my Instagram page. I was constantly inundated by ‘likes’ and comments of people asking where they could get one from. I sheepishly had to admit that it wasn’t actually my artwork but I’d be happy to design my own and print them on t shirts to be sold. And the response was fantastic! I had so many people asking for them and the more people saw them the more messages I had asking when and where they would be listed. So I made quite a large order of plain t shirts (some baseball style) and shopped around to find the best transfer papers and they arrived yesterday! I’m so happy to announce that finally, after lots of promises of ‘soon’ to those people interested, they are finally available in my shop! I’m just getting to grips with them and working out the best way to do them etc but I’m very proud with the results! They’re £10 plus postage and are being sold on my etsy shop (click on the link at the top). So here they are…




I hope you like them!

“Paddle your own canoe”



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↣ New items hot off the (printing) press!

One product that I find sells really really well in my shop are my chalkboard effect typography art prints, they are sold in white A4 mounts and I really love them.. as do all the customers! Well I’ve been racking my brains for a long time wandering how I could extend this design and develop the typography work into other products. The first idea was my hand embroidered hoops, as featured before, and now I’m very excited to announce the arrival of House of Bean iPhone cases! After much faffing around with colours and enhancing my drawings on CAD, I ended up with 6 finely tuned designs. I scoured the net looking for UK based printing companies and eventually found one over in Wales, and… they arrived this morning! Excited was not the word… oh my! Unfortunately there were two misprints (they got done in black and white for some unknown reason!), so the 4 that are left have just been listed! I LOVE them so much! I’ve got 2 chalkboard effect ones and two which have the background of some of my photos from Canada, well.. I hope you like them :)




















I’m now selling them in my etsy shop! It would be great to get some interaction about these, comment your thoughts/any ideas for future quotes!

Thanks for dropping by!



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↣ More beatiful hand embroidery

Another artist that I admire an awful lot can be found at , she’s a really skilled embroiderer over in Port Orchard, US, I first found her through my houseofbean instagram page and I fell in love with her art…. take a look yourself!


Those tiny stitches are just amazing… I mean I love embroidery but I don’t think even I have the patience to do such beautiful detail!hersparetime3

I have fallen so hard for this geometric design… triangles are probably my favourite and the colours here on the bear are just stunning, makes me think of the Canadian Rockies and all those beautiful places… ahh! Much love for this!

hersparetime1This should certainly be in my staple winter camping pack.. the colour matching again is perfect and it look so neat and professional!

There is so much beautiful work out there! Keep finding more! :)



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↣ Embroidery hoop obsession

So…. enough about my travel passion… let’s see more making! One of my absolute most favourite things ( I have many ) is sewing and embroidery. I literally cannot bear to sit at the TV or on a plane journey or sat bored in bed without having a little sewing project on the go. The sewing ranges from clothes, bags, cushions, toys, wall hangings, and best of all, hand embroidery. Excuse me if my 16 year old self turns 80 for a minute here… but there’s just something about picking out the coloured threads and seeing if they go and finding that perfect cotton for the background which just makes me feel so warm inside.

Embroidery Hoop art has been taking the craft world by storm, my favourite ones at the moment include , she is a really lovely woman based in Baltimore making these stunning hoops! francesbluebird1Ofrancesbluebird2My other favourite at the moment can be found at ,


Her stitches and designs are simply stunning! Hand embroidery is just the most stunning thing… I love it! And these wonderful ladies at WildFlowerThreads and FrancesBluebird not only create gorgeous work but they’ve also been kind enough to let me feature them! So thankyou!

Now of course… there’s my own embroidery hoop art! I’m focusing more on the camp and adventure vibes for mine.. I hope you like them! They’re available from my own etsy shop, either click the link above or visit me at

IMG_8047IMG_8077Now I’ve got to stop blabbering and get back to that comfy spot on the sofa and pick up my next embroidery project… always working!

Much love, Clarissa x


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